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Chapter 18 published in:
Swedish Comics Sin 4.


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Trans:IT: is the world's first graphic novel about crossdressing by 1 author and 27 different artists, some of Sweden's best right now! Many of the artists are established professionals, as well as some promising new talents.

The story is based on true events from the author's own life and we follow the crossdresser Malinda and the difficulties that confronts him in love relationships and on the job.

The album is entertaining and throws the reader from sadness, humor and love, but also informative with the ambition to crush negative attitudes and misconceptions about transgender people.

The album includes:
  • Drawings and text from 1 author and 27 different artists.
  • Based on a real story.
  • 140 pages thick and a new artist for each chapter.
  • Thought-provoking, entertaining and gender critical.
  • Professional artists and emerging talents in the same album.
  • Claes Schmidt/Sara Lund crossdresser and lecturer involved.
  • Atalanta Ort expert in trans literature has written the foreword.
  • Chapter 10 is published in the anthology NO BORDERS.
  • Chapter 19 is published in the anthology Swedish Comics Sin 4.
  • A graphic novel that supports trans people!

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