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Sydsvenska Dagbladet (2015)
I visited Seriefest in Malmö and sold my comic Trans:IT, when a journalist from the newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet came up and wanted to do an interview with me.

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LGBT perspective in youth literature? Malinda describes his transvestism as a perceived limitation in what man's role has to offer. We are talking about the book Trans:IT as a potential input for students and teachers to discuss various ways to look at, talk about and construct gender.

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Göteborgsposten (2014)
Göteborgsposten featured me in a short article. Five questions for Malinda Lindmark, who along with Elias Ericson is talking about trans comics at Litteraturhuset on Tuesday.

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Sydsvenska Dagbladet (2013)
The comics album "Trans:IT" is about to come out as a crossdresser. I have written the script, but all the 27 chapters have been created by different artists.
- "What was it like to see yourself in 27 different versions?"
- "It was a bit strange. They've drawed me quite different, sometimes as a super caricature of a transvestite, sometimes as a very good looking guy and sometimes very feminine... It gave me a little performance anxiety!

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Litteraturmagazinet (2013)
It's not every day that someone publishes a comic book about crossdressing in Sweden - especially not with 27 cartoonists involved. There has been some talk about "Trans:IT" in comics circuits the last year and there is now that the album is printed and ready to be judged, in all its colorful motley.

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QX (2013)
In late April 2013, when I realeased Sweden's first comic book about crossdressing the LGBT community QX made an interview with me. "This project is important because there is so much ignorance and Sweden needs to become a little more trans friendly. Today I am not ashamed about crossdressing any longer. I choose to dress "female" when it suits me, and "male" when it suits."

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Feministiskt Perspektiv (2013)
Feminist Perspectives noticed that my comic book Trans:IT was released. The book is about my experiences with crossdressing, about growing up, coming out at work, and the painful breakup with my ex-girlfriend.

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Punkt SE letters page (2008)
I was getting myself into the debate surrounding the police's competence to judge criminals. Thomas Bodström made a proposal that the police should be able to impose penalties for common offenses. I thought that at least I wouldn´t like to get my case tried by a policeman, when there are courts. However, I agree that it takes a very long time before being tried in court because of long processing times.

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Punkt SE letters page (2007)
It was discovered that there was Politicians who hired illegal workers. I was getting myself into the debate and pointed out that Politicians should not break the law, instead they should be our role models.

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Stockholm City (2005)
In 2000, I was involved in the Millennium project as an actor in the theatre play of the Stockholm Bloodbath. In 2005 the Stockholm City newspaper published an image from our play. It is that article that I have included here.

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LO Magazine (2002)
I was in a theater adjacent to the Social Democrats May 1 demonstration. LO magazine came while we were doing rehearsals and took some pictures. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I ended up on the newspaper's front page!

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Enköpings local newspaper (2000)
I helped a Anne Reese with her theater play and played the foul and the evil prince. This caught the attention of Enköpings local newspaper that wrote an article about the play.

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